BODA Dancehall Culture social – Liverpool Town Hall (all ages)
29th August 2024 - 7:30 pm
Liverpool Town Hall
Age Restrictions: Ageless (+18)

We’re bringing back dance culture. 

For some of us, our grandparents met and fell in love at dancehalls. And we know people who come to our BODA nights love a dance. 

There’s something quite magical about a dancehall. It’s full of dancing, connection, romance, fun, laughter, wholesome flirtation, eyes across the room and perhaps even love.

Our night is going to be held at the incredible Liverpool Town Hall and it’s going to be a BODA social to remember. We are honoured to be having it here.

It’s going to be so much fun. So put your glad rags on, order a few drinks and enjoy a dance or two.

Or if it’s not the dancing you fancy, just come for a great night and soak in the atmosphere & come for the social.

And, as there’s not many occasions in life where we can ever really dress up, our dress code will always be smart so you can go as extra as you feel.

250 single people, let’s go, delete our apps and flirt in person again, and maybe even fall in love… 


Liverpool Town Hall Town Hall
High St
Liverpool L2 3SW
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