What is BODA?

Bored of Dating Apps, we are a company who run singles events across the UK, helping singles who are sick of swiping on the apps meet in real life to bring back the fun and human connection to dating. Feel free to check out our about page for more info


What is the gender split like?

We try to ensure a 50:50 spit between men and women but external factors can affect this. So events can sometimes end up being split 60:40 it just depends. But we try our very best to control this as much as we can.


What should I expect coming to an event?

You should expect a super fun night of mixing and mingling with other amazing singles. Everyone is always super friendly and if your feeling nervous our incredible hosts are always there ready to chat or be your perfect wingman/woman!


Can I come alone?

Yes! Of course, please come alone we truly believe coming alone is the best way to fully experience our events as it forces you out of your comfort zone to go and speak to strangers. As opposed to clinging to your bestie the whole night.


What’s the age demographic for the events?

Are socials are mainly focused towards singes in their 20s, 30s, and 40s with certain events being for specific age groups.


How many people are normally at each event?

This depends on the specific event, but generally around 200 singles at every event.


What does the BODA membership include?

The membership includes exclusive discounts on our events, two free tickets to any social of your choice, you can always bring a plus one for free and access to our amazing WhatsApp communities who are always organising trips, activities and events of their own.


What are the sober socials?

The Bored of Dating Apps Sober Socials are a new venture for us. We recognise that dating is very dominated by drinking culture and wanted to offer new ways for our incredible singles to meet and mingle. These events have included all different activities from yoga nights, walks, runs, hikes and more new exciting things to come!


Are your events inclusive?

Are events are completely inclusive, we welcome everyone of every sexuality. We don’t ask people to tell us their sexuality so our events just mimic real life, the only thing we guarantee is that everyone who attends is single.


Any success stories?

Yes! So many love stories and friendships have come out of BODA and we couldn’t be happier about this. We don’t always hear about every love story or romance but what we do know is there have been eleven proposals, many relationships, couples have moved in together, there’s a BODA baby on the way, lots of friendships, girls trips and we received our first wedding invite the other day. We can’t wait for all the love stories to come!